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Fall Friends

Fall Friends is an adventure game with competitions between 16 players to find the last surviving person after the game's challenges to avoid falling. Each challenge requires you to complete it within the time limit. Join the game and show off your abilities to your online friends!

Fall Friends Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is inspired by the game Just Fall. Coming to this new game, you can still enjoy competitions between players.

Each match will include 16 participants. Each participant will have a unique character. When you start the game, run forward and avoid dangers using the AD key to move and the spacebar to jump. Dangers can be balls, blocks, or walls. While avoiding obstacles, you should also make sure to avoid falling. If you crash, you will start over from the beginning. Because this game has a time limit for each challenge, you will waste time if you crash.

After each challenge, participants will be gradually eliminated until a winner is found.

Other Features Of The Game

Besides the outstanding gameplay, you can also unlock and use many different costumes. There are 4 free costumes while the remaining costumes require you to unlock them to activate. There are 48+ costumes available for you to unlock.