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Draw Parking


Draw Parking is a special puzzle game where you need to draw guidelines for cars to move to the parking point safely without any collisions. This game will be more and more challenging for you to park cars safely at high levels.

Levels Of Draw Parking

This puzzle game consists of 30+ levels and all levels have the same gameplay. When you enter a level, you just need to use your mouse to draw lines connecting your car with a parking spot. The level will be successful if you park all cars safely. This gameplay will be maintained at all levels.

However, the difference between the levels is also extremely prominent in terms of difficulty level. The levels will become more complicated with more cars and parking spots. You need to achieve all the game parking requirements of a challenging condition.

Parking Requirements

The parking requirements of this Draw Parking game will be shown in a way below.

  • Cars need to move to the position of the same color. It is impossible to go to different colors.
  • Avoid all collisions absolutely. The game will be lost if cars collide with each other.
  • The cars will depart at the same time, so you need to calculate the travel time of each car to avoid collisions.
  • The instruction lines have no shape and length requirements. You can draw as you like as long as you draw on the playing board.