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Conquer each level of Coreball by accurately throwing the balls into the rotating circle. The movement of the circle will give players an extreme challenge.

Levels Of Coreball

This online game is divided into many different levels like Geometry Dash 2.

Difficulty of Each Level

As you can know, the difficulty of Coreball levels will increase over time. The higher level you gain, the more difficult it will be with movement speed and number of balls.

At high levels, your circle can rotate faster and the number of balls can increase. Coreball not only increases the number of balls that must be thrown but also increases the number of balls on the spinning circle. As a result, you will face more challenges in throwing all the balls without collisions.

However, with these challenges, players can enjoy more thrilling experiences in Coreball.

How To Control Coreball

It is simple to throw the balls into the rotating circle. You just need to choose the appropriate time and click your left mouse button. A ball will immediately be thrown. If this ball does not have any collisions, you can continue this Coreball game. Otherwise, you have to restart that level to throw the ball from the beginning.

Game Comments

There are many reviews about this Coreball game but most of them have the same idea. This online game has simple graphics and gameplay but it is extremely attractive to players.