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Cartoon Mini Racing

Cartoon Mini Racing is a speed car race on 10 levels. Challenging races with terrain and speed are waiting for you to conquer and show off your racing ability! Modes and laps in this driving game will make you impressed!

Racing Modes and Laps

Coming to this Cartoon Mini Racing game, you can choose one of the first 2 modes: Singleplayer and 2 Players. These two modes are familiar to online players and they accommodate different numbers of players. Depending on your entertainment needs, you can choose any mode you desire.

In addition to modes, there are 10 levels for you to challenge. These 10 levels are 10 different lap races. Races will have different terrain, road structures, and maps. Twisty turns or broken roads will appear to challenge your abilities. Each level will require you to complete a certain number of laps. You need to reach the finish line first to win a level and move on to the next level.

Moving Way In Cartoon Mini Racing

To move in this racing game, you will need to use certain hotkeys. These hotkeys will depend on the selected mode.


  • Arrow - Move
  • H - Reset


Player 1

  • Arrow - Move
  • H - Reset

Player 2

  • ESDF - Move
  • C - Reset

In addition, to move more efficiently, you can unlock new cars to run faster.