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Bloxorz is a puzzle game with 30+ levels to take your block to the space hole at the end of the map with the help of space portals and different platforms. Challenges at 30 levels will continue changing to test players' intelligence.

30+ Levels Of Bloxorz

The levels in this game all have the same goal: get your block to the space hole at the end of the map. Your block needs to stand in that position to succeed. To achieve this goal, you need to find a reasonable way to move with the arrow keys.

While moving, you need to pay attention to some rules of the game.

  • Your block is not allowed to fall off the edges.
  • If even part of the block moves outside the platforms, the block will also fall.
  • Block can move flexibly in all directions.
  • You can take advantage of portals on the map to create convenient paths to travel.

Portals On The Map

On the Bloxorz map, you can use 3 main portals.

  • The first portal is the X-shaped portal, called the hard portal. This portal will build a bridge to help you move across a space hole. To activate this portal, you need to place your block on that portal.
  • The second portal is the soft portal with a round shape. This portal has the same use as the X-shaped portal, but you just need to touch this portal to activate it.
  • Finally, the portal with two semi-circular lines will divide your block in half. After splitting it in half, you can choose one of the two parts to move. The purpose of this portal is to help you move through small areas.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the orange platforms that can collapse if your block stands on them.