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Bad Ice Cream 2


Bad Ice Cream 2 is the second version of Bad Ice Cream to collect all the fruits. New icy maps are waiting for you to explore in this new version!

Fruit-Collecting Mission With Time Limit

With this new Bad Ice Cream 2 version, players still experience the basic gameplay but there is a time limit. In each level, players continue to collect all the fruits on the map. After completing the first type of fruit, you will advance to the second type of fruit before completing a level.

However, these levels become more challenging with time limits. You need to move and react faster to meet this requirement of the second version. In addition to this feature, other features are still maintained compared to the first Bad Ice Cream version.

Maintained Characteristics

The Bad Ice Cream 2 game maintains a lot of the features of the previous version in addition to the gameplay. You can see the similarity through the characters and controls.

Bad Ice Cream 2 Characters

Players can still choose 1P or 2P mode before entering the ice arena to collect fruits. Your characters are ice creams with 3 typical flavors. Transforming into this character will give you the exciting feeling of an ice cream.

This adorable character will move according to your control.

How To Control Your Ice Cream

To control Bad Ice Cream 2, you still use 2 familiar control sets used in the first version. The first player will use the arrow keys and spacebar while the second player will use the WASD keys and the L key.