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Among Us


Among Us is a puzzle and action game where you can play a role as a crewmate or imposter. Each character has a unique mission and you must complete it secretly. Like Lunar Worm, this game is a multiplayer game, but the number of players is limited.

How to play

Welcome to Among Us where you can control a crewmate or imposter.

How to control

In order to control a crewmate or imposter, you can follow 2 guides below.

  • WASD or ARROW - Move

There are 2 main controls for each character. First, you can control your character to move in the ship. Second, you can act with buttons: Report, Sabotage, Vent, and Kill. Of course, each character only can use two of these four buttons.

How to complete missions

As you can know, you can become a crewmate or imposter and each character has a unique mission. This mission is based on control buttons on the screen. Note that imposters and crewmates are enemies.

Missions of crewmate

  • Report: When you discover an imposter, you can press this button to catch this opponent.
  • Vent: In addition to finding imposters, crewmates have to repair the vents of the spaceship.

Missions of imposter

  • Sabotage: If you are an imposter, let's sabotage vents to prevent crewmate's missions.
  • Kill: The second mission of imposters is to kill imposter in silence to occupy the spaceship.

With these missions, this game is a combination of brain and action games. It's different from Perfect Slice which mainly tests your control skills. If you want to find a similar game, you can join Dynamons 7 where you need strategies to control dynamons to beat all enemies.

Note for Among Us

  • Crewmates: Let's move together to avoid being killed by imposters.
  • Imposters: Let's kill a single crewmate to avoid being detected.