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Wario Land 2


Wario Land 2 is a classic Mario-inspired game with anti-rival adventures. Control your character in a pixelated world and jump over dangers with Wario.

Features Of Wario Land

Welcome to the Wario Land 2 game where you travel to Wario Land to go on adventures with Wario characters! This pixel land has some similar features to Parkour Block 5.

Wario Land includes many different environments such as jungles, deserts, volcanoes, caves, and abandoned cities. Each environment has its own design and challenge for all online players.

In addition, in this land, Wario will face many diverse enemies such as monsters, monsters, and other dangers. Each enemy has a different attack and gameplay style.

Matches In Wario Land 2

Joining this new game, players need to clearly understand the mission and how to control their character.

The Quest of Wario Land 2

Your mission is to control the character Wario to conquer challenges in this online land. Wario Land is divided into many different adventure levels with its own goals and challenges. Let's explore and overcome obstacles together to reach the final goal!

How To Control Wario

  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • X key - Jump
  • Z key - Hit