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Unicycle Hero

Unicycle Hero is a balancing game with special conditions: you will drive a vehicle with a single wheel. How far can you travel with this special means? This new game includes many modes for you to experience.

All Modes For You

This Unicycle Hero game includes two main modes: Compete and Practice. These two modes have different factors in the gameplay. Practice mode plays a training role for players while the Compete mode is a great environment for you to compete with other players.

So what do you practice and compete?

Each mode will include 9 sub-modes. Each sub-dode will give you a different item to keep your balance. You need to move with your one-wheel vehicle while keeping your balance. You need to guarantee that the item does not touch the ground and throw this item by the Spacebar. You will practice and compete for balancing skills.

How to Keep Balance in Unicycle Hero

The goal of balancing is a challenge because your vehicle has only one wheel. You need to use the arrow keys to move your character forward while balance is still maintained. The game will calculate your achievement based on the distance you throw your item. It's challenging with new players to protect your items. It's the same when you drive your car in Moon City Stunt for the first time to avoid falling into deep space. However, this challenge is a significant feature to attract players.