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Sushi Party


Sushi Party is a multiplayer video game with snakes and sushi. What do you do when your snake needs to eat sushi to grow and compete with other snake players? This competition between snakes is more challenging than you thought. Why? Let's start to learn!

The Challenge From Snake Control

Online snake games often have common controls: using the mouse or arrow keys and this Sushi Party game also has similarities. However, it is more special than other games.

In this game, instead of 4 arrow keys, you only need to use 3 arrow keys: up, left, and right.

  • The up arrow key allows your snake to speed up.
  • The left&right keys help you change the direction.

Accelerating with the up arrow key is simple, but controlling the movement direction with two keys is a challenge. The challenge is not in complexity. Instead, you will feel unfamiliar and you can easily steer in the opposite target direction. This situation happens a lot when you first start the game. To get used to this new control method, it will take you some time.

Principles Of Sushi Party

This snake game has similar gameplay to other games: collect food to grow and avoid collisions to survive. Besides, don't forget to compete with other players to win high rankings on the leaderboard. However, the special thing about the game is the sushi. Snake food is sushi which appears all over the map. It's like a sushi party for all participants. It is completely different from the gameplay of Google Snake where your food is apples and there are no opponents.

As you can know, there are many snake-related games, but each game has its own characteristics. Therefore, our website always tries to provide players with diverse online games to have more interesting experiences.