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Stickman Climb


The first version, Stickman Climb brings you 30 levels with various skins. Let's climb with your stickman character and reach the destination of each level.

30 Stickman Climb Levels

The number of levels for online players reaches 30. 30 levels are 30 different challenges for players to conquer each map, terrain, and obstacle. These 3 factors are the three main differences between levels while characters and controls for each level are the same.

Players should try to complete these 30 levels before moving on to new challenges from the developer. Currently, Stickman Climb 2 is the latest version of this game series. Players can take it a step further with the new second edition.

How To Conquer Levels By Climbing

Your main activity is climbing to overcome obstacles. You can follow the climbing instructions below.

Online Climbing Instructions

In Stickman Climb, players can climb with an axe. Your stickman character sits in a pot and uses the axe to stick to blocks and move. In order to control your axe, you need to use the left and right arrow keys.

When your axe comes into contact with blocks, you can create a push or pull force to move your character forward.

Stickman Climb Levels Goal

Completing levels will allow you to unlock new levels to continue your journey. In addition, you can also unlock new axes at level 5, level 10, level 15, level 20, and level 25. 5 new axes are waiting for you to unlock in Stickman Climb.