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Spelling Bee


Spelling Bee is a word search game with 7 given letters. In particular, you can find 406 words containing required letters with an infinite number of tries. This game is popular for the special gameplay with letters.

Gameplay With Letters

When you participate in this Spelling Bee game, you will challenge your vocabulary with letters and words. The game will give you 7 letters including 6 free letters and one forced letter. The mandatory letter is yellow and placed in the center. The other 6 letters will surround the required letter and form a hexagon like a beehive. When you enter a word, simply click on the letters you want and press Enter. This word needs to have the mandatory letter and carries meaning. For each successful word, you will receive one point.

Other Noticeable Factors Of Spelling Bee

There are a few notable elements to this new game. These elements are clearly shown on the main screen.

  • Your score will be shown below the letter box. You will see the maximum score is 406 points corresponding to 406 words.
  • Under the points section, you can check the words you have found.
  • Don't forget the Delete button to delete the letters in your target word.
  • The list of yesterday's words is helpful for you to get suggestions. You can see this list behind the word Spelling Bee at the top of the screen.

All target letters and words will change each day. Therefore, the time to find 406 words is 24 hours. Can you complete the goal within this time limit?