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Scrap Divers


Scrap Divers is a tunnel-running game where you control your robot to collect screws and avoid all the obstacles. How far can you move safely?

Scrap Divers Introduction

Welcome to this robot-running game! When participating in this online Scrap Divers game, players can experience high speed and practice their mobility.

This new game is in the same genre as Geometry Dash Sonic Wave where you control your geometry to avoid a series of obstacles. However, Scrap Divers can move in more directions than Geometry Dash Sonic Wave. Therefore, when you join this adventure game, new running experiences will come to every player.

Playing Instructions with Robots

In Scrap Divers, players control a robot.

How To Control A Robot

To control this Scrap Divers game, you can control your robot with the arrow keys. The arrow keys allow you to move in different directions such as up, down, left, and right. With 4 simple controls, players can master this game easily, but it is difficult to achieve high scores.

Challenges In Scrap Divers

The challenges mainly come from obstacles that your robot will destroy after colliding. Therefore, you need to avoid colliding with obstacles in Scrap Divers to run as far as possible.