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One Chance


One Chance is a simulation game about the life of scientist John Pilgrim for 6 days to make choices around protecting living cells on Earth. It's inspired by the movie of the same name and each of your selections will have an influence on the whole game.

One Chance Gameplay

In this entertaining game, all players will transform into John, a talented scientist who researches cancer medicine. You will live John's life for 6 days and make rational decisions. Each of your reactions and responses in situations will affect the next stage. For example, on the first day, if you decide to go to work immediately, you may not be able to communicate with your relatives. Or if you choose to work instead of talking to friends, you will start your work immediately and not be able to chat with your colleagues anymore.

Stories related to John's life will unfold according to your choices. This game has simple gameplay and graphics, but the interesting story about John's life will keep you intrigued.

John's Life

John is a scientist who has researched an effective method to cure cancer. However, John discovered that this method would destroy every living cell on Earth within 6 days.

So what is John's choice?

If you were John, would you choose your scientific work or the life of humanity?

What will you do to prevent risks in John's life?

Start John's life right away to enjoy all the unique attractions of this One Chance game!