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My Friend Pedro


My Friend Pedro is an action game where a banana Pedro will train you to become a professional spy with many fighting skills to kill all gangsters. This new game brings excitement for all players thanks to the special character and exciting gameplay.

The Banana Pedro

Pedro is a banana in this My Friend Pedro game. This character is responsible for training you with the necessary combat abilities. The character Pedro is very special with the shape of a banana. This character not only brings novelty but also creates curiosity for players. What could this character do in an action game? Let's find out together in the next part!

Abilities In My Friend Pedro

In this game, Pedro will train you in fighting skills with basic hotkeys.

As in other online games, WASD keys are your main buttons to move. Use the mouse to change vision and left-click to attack. With these 3 sets of hotkeys, all players can master controlling their characters. However, there are advanced skills that require a combination of controls. You can follow some typical examples of advanced Pedro skills below.

  • Shoot slowly with the Spacebar or Shift. Just press the left mouse button and either of these two keys to perform the slow-fire skill.
  • You can jump with the W key. This control key will also help you perform somersaults and climb high walls when double use.
  • You can roll by pressing the S and D keys at the same time.