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Moto X3M Winter


Moto X3M Winter is a moto-driving game in the Moto X3M series. Let's come to the winter land and drive your motorbike through all the dangers! This new game will challenge your driving skills at various levels!

Moto X3M Winter Levels

In this online game, players continue to experience many different levels. It is similar to Tomb of the Mask where you can also control masked geometry to conquer a series of levels. However, the levels in this motor game are completely different from the ones in the masked game. They will bring you different experiences while controlling your motor and geometry.

In Moto X3M Winter levels, players will drive through complex roads full of challenges such as many ramps, turns, and obstacles. Complex and dangerous terrain will challenge the driving ability of all players.

Driving in Winter

To complete each level of Moto X3M Winter, the players' target is to reach the finish line with support from checkpoints. During the journey, you can experience many features, of which the winter theme and motorbikes are the most notable.

The Winter Theme

In Moto X3M Winter, all levels are covered in winter atmosphere. Icy roads, snow-covered rooftops, and snowmen appear everywhere. A cold winter is coming to the land of Moto X3M. Are you ready to conquer these roads before Christmas comes?

Motors in Moto X3M Winter

Like Moto X3M Spooky Land, this winter version also gives you many different motorbikes to unlock. A super cool green motorbike costs 15 stars while a cute Santa Claus bike costs 40 stars.