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Mineblock Adventure


Mineblock Adventure is a new running game about the Noob character in the pixel world. Spiders, zombies, and dragons always threaten your safety!

A New Gameplay In The Minecraft World

Welcome to Mineblock Adventure, a familiar world with completely new gameplay!

Familiar Minecraft World

This Mineblock Adventure game is inspired by the Minecraft game with familiar pixel graphics. Players can observe familiar graphics with typical Minecraft scenes. This inspiration has helped this game receive a lot of love from players from the first participating time.

However, in this world of Mineblock Adventure, you will encounter new creatures and items. The new creatures are spiders, dragons, and zombies. The new items are coins, diamonds, and gems.

Mineblock Adventure Gameplay

This new game belongs to the running genre combined with adventure. Players need to move towards the destination to complete a level while overcoming the challenges of Mineblock Adventure.

Your challenges come from dangerous creatures and complex terrain. If you are attacked by dragons, spiders, or zombies, your Noob character will be destroyed. Likewise, if you get stuck by the terrain, you will also not be able to continue the game.

Checkpoints Of Mineblock Adventure

This new adventure game provides checkpoints for players to give them second and third chances. You can restart at that checkpoint twice. After that, if you continue to lose, you must return to the starting line to play again.