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Mahjong Classic


Mahjong Classic has 2 modes: Time and No Time for you to match two same tiles together. Thousands of boards are ready for all players to experience!

Time And No Time Mode

In Mahjong Classic, players can choose one of these two modes with differences in time and number of levels.

Mahjong Classic Times

If you want intense matches with a time limit, join Time mode. No Time mode is the opposite where players can play until the level is completed. There are no restrictions for players in this second mode.

Number of Mahjong Levels

In addition to time, the two modes have differences in the number of levels. Time mode has 900 levels while No Time mode has 300 levels. Both Mahjong Classic modes have many levels to meet the needs of mahjong enthusiasts. This number of levels is much more than Geometry Dash Lite.

These levels will have different tile arrangements. Some arrangements may appear in both modes. However, with different times, the challenges for you are also different.

Mahjong Classic Requirements

Like other mahjong games, players need to find two identical tiles to match and remove them from the board. Victory will go to the player who can clear all levels.