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Iron Snout


Join the Iron Snout fighting game to become a pig and fight hundreds or thousands of wolves in 4 modes: Classic, Sudden Death, 2P Wolfieball, and Pig Vs 100. This online game has special gameplay with 4 different modes.

4 Modes With Iron Snout

Joining this online game, you have the opportunity to experience 4 different modes, and each mode will bring you different battles.

  • Classic Mode will take you to the world of endless battles with wolves. In this mode, you only need to control your pig to attack the wolves. The more wolves you kill, the higher your achievement. Besides, you need to pay attention to your health bar because you will be destroyed if the health bar is depleted.
  • Sudden Death is a special mode where you still participate in battles with wolves, but your character can die at any time from wolf attacks. This special gameplay always encourages you to fight hard to win achievements while you don't know the time for your character's death.
  • 2P Wolfieball does not include wolves. In this mode, you and another player will control a ball. You will pass the ball from one side to the other. However, your goal is to hit the ball to touch your opponent's power button to win a point.
  • Pig Vs 100 is a battle between your pig character and 100 wolves. In this mode, you also have a health bar for protection.

Control Your Pig

Control your pig character simply with the arrow keys. Each hotkey corresponds to a character's skill such as top kick, bottom kick, top punch, bottom punch, jump, or crouch. You can combine these skills to create a powerful combo. If you participate in 2P Wolfieball mode, the second pig character will be controlled with the WASD keys.