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Hyper Snake

Hyper Snake is a unique snake game where you collect round balls to increase the snake's length and break number blocks to move forward. How far can you go? This new game will make you attractive in exciting matches.

Match Rules In Hyper Snake

In this online game, you will play according to a few basic principles to move forward safely.

  • First, to control your snake, you just need to slide your mouse.
  • Second, control the snake to collect the balls. These balls are your snake's food and they help your snake increase its length. The balls will be denoted by a number. The larger the number, the longer your snake will be.
  • Finally, the blocks and platforms are your obstacles. You should avoid them. The blocks will reduce the length of your snake by each number. If your snake does not reach enough length, it will be destroyed and the game will end. Additionally, platforms do not harm your snake but they will prevent movement. No snake can pass through the platforms.

Other Snake-Related Features

When participating in this Hyper Snake game, your snake can also collect stars on the map. These stars will help you unlock new skins for your snake. The special thing is that these skins are secret until you unlock them. Therefore, you will not know their interface in advance and these skins will bring you pleasant surprises.