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Halloween Runner

Halloween Runner is a Halloween-theme dino game where you jump over obstacles on an endless Halloween path and compete for high rankings with other players. Are you ready to run with this new theme?

Halloween-Dino Theme

This Halloween Runner game is inspired by the Dinosaur Game game and it is combined with the Halloween theme, an important upcoming holiday. Joining this online game, you can not only challenge your running ability on endless roads but also immerse yourself in the Halloween atmosphere.

The gameplay is similar to the dino game but the theme is Halloween. This combination will give you an ideal game to enjoy Halloween. Let's play and feel its uniqueness!

Halloween Runner Races

Players participating in races in this online game often have a main goal: to gain high points and rankings. There is a daily and all-time leaderboard. Players can compare scores here. Only players with a high score can get the high rank in Halloween Runner. To achieve your ranking goal, you need to pay attention to the following two factors.

Running Way In Halloween Runner

The moving way in this new dino game is similar to the original version. Your character will automatically move forward and you just need to press the spacebar or up arrow key to jump. You need to jump over obstacles to overcome dangers and move forward.

With this running game, the most important note is the obstacles.

Halloween Obstacles

The obstacles in Halloween Runner are inspired by Halloween. Witches, ghosts, pumpkins, spiders, and other objects are all familiar when Halloween comes. Despite their familiarity, they still bring you dangers.

As you can know, you need to jump over the obstacles to stay safe. Therefore, the game will challenge your jumping ability through the complexity of the obstacles.

  • Obstacles can speed up.
  • It is possible to appear more frequently.
  • These obstacles can be at different heights.

With these 3 features, you need to jump at different heights and distances to ensure the safety of your character.