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Geometry Dash Death Moon

Geometry Dash Death Moon opens up an impressive world with a red moon. Red light shines everywhere and signals a challenging journey waiting for you ahead.

The theme of this game left an impression on many players and it has always been a highlight from the time of its release until now. What's special about the theme of this version? Why is it so attractive to so many players? Let's find out the interesting things of this game in the next passages now!

Special Death Moon Theme

As you can see, the name of the game represents the special of this theme: death moon. These two words make us think of a big bright moon. However, the light of this moon brings death. It resembles the legendary blood moon with red lights. This kind of red light shines on many different lands and those places will face the danger of doom in the future. Therefore, the death moon image often represents danger and it symbolizes the journey in this new version. You will enter a land of the dead. Can you survive in this harsh area?

The Harshness of Geometry Dash Death Moon

The rigors of this game show not only in the theme and color but also through the structure of the obstacles. The obstacles are arranged according to a special rule that Geometry Dash Offline does not have. You will see the death ladder. These stairs are made from many blocks with increasing height. Between the blocks, there are always sharp spikes. Whether you collide with blocks or spikes, your character will be destroyed.

Besides, this new game also provides arrows with two different functions. If the arrow points to the left, your character will slow down. Conversely, the arrows pointing to the right will help you accelerate. You should consider this before using any arrows and prepare for the arrow's effects.