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Geometry Dash Count To Ten

Geometry Dash Count To Ten gives you a special feeling when counting the order of obstacles. The numbers are in proportion to the game's difficulty.

The Level In This New Version

The level in this new version is focused on counting to ten, it is possible that the obstacles and hazards in the level are designed to correspond with each number. For example, the first to the seventh obstacle is a single spike. Then, the eighth obstacle will become two spikes and new terrain, and so on up to ten. In particular, the structure of the map is extremely special that can make you fly out of the air and disappear from the map. So, you have to especially pay attention!

In addition, the background features a colorful and vibrant design, with each number represented by a different color or pattern. The music also is designed to fit the counting theme. If you concentrate, you can listen to a voice counting each number as the player progresses through areas. This design focused on counting to ten will provide a fun and unique gameplay experience for players who enjoy a more lighthearted and playful approach to the game. Therefore, it's worth trying this new game after you try various other versions like Geometry Dash Offline. All volumes of this geometry series will not let you down.

CloudScore Of Geometry Dash Count To Ten

Like the others, this new version also has CloudScore where you can track the top scores on the leaderboard. These points will be sorted by day and only talented players can achieve this achievement. Through this ranking, you can also see the number of players and their popularity among online players. Every day, this game is joined by many players and challenges their control ability. Are you ready to participate in this geometry challenge?