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Geometry Dash Clubstep


Geometry Dash Clubstep takes you to exciting jump moves in a dark world. Use your dance moves to erase all the darkness in this special track!

The world in this new version is extremely special when you can join a shadow area.

The Dark World of Geometry Dash Clubstep

Coming to the geometry dash series, you can experience many different worlds with a variety of themes. For example, in Geometry Dash Bloodbath, you will enter a world of extreme challenges to conquer the most difficult races. That's why the game is called Bloodbath. Coming back to this new version, you can also recognize the theme through the name of the game.

This online game will give you special jump moves. The background in the game is black with dangerous obstacles. The colors are as minimal as possible. This world will take you from one shadow area to another. However, after each of your jumps, the world becomes more colorful. Your character will drag a light tail to bring hope to this dark world.

Some First Must-tried Challenges

With so many dangers, you should pay attention to the first few challenges of the game to move forward more smoothly. Note that overcoming dangers also gives you a greater sense of accomplishment.

The first obstacle is 3 spikes lined up in a row. At the top of the ceiling, there are also 3 similar spikes. You need to make a jump over these 3 spikes while not touching the ceiling. Besides, your jump should not be too long or too short. Otherwise, you can hit other dangerous obstacles.

After passing these 3 spikes, jumping pads and jumping rings will appear and you need to use them to jump over blocks, spikes, and spiked wheels. To use these items properly, you need to time the jump properly. Jumping at the wrong time can make you restart in no time.