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Fluid Simulation


Play Fluid Simulation to explore fluids through interaction and 3D movement. In addition, the eye-catching colors of the liquids are also a prominent feature.

The Fluid Simulation Game

Coming to this fluid game, players can explore and interact with a 3D fluid simulation. It creates an immersive environment for fluid phenomena and characteristics such as flow, movement, interaction, and transformation.

It's a unique and fun interactive experience with fluid simulation. You can explore, create, and interact with fluids in a realistic 3D environment. Experiment and explore interesting phenomena and properties of liquids in this simulation!

How to play Fluid Simulation

Interaction with Liquids

In a fluid simulation, you can interact with fluids using available tools and controls. You can create flows by dragging, pressing, or dropping objects into the liquid. You can also change the shape, size, and other properties of the liquid to see corresponding effects.

Explore Fluid Simulation

This online game allows you to explore and observe fluid phenomena in a 3D environment. You can watch as liquid flows across surfaces, creates water waves, interacts with other objects, and even changes shape based on forces and pressures.

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