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Bloxd io


Bloxd io is a survival game with fantasy characters in a simulation world. In this world, you can participate in survival battles with other players. Are you ready to join this game and explore a new pixel world?

A New Pixel World

This Bloxd io game is inspired by the Minecraft game where you also explore a vibrant pixelated world. In these two online worlds, players will transform into a fantasy character and live a new life. This online environment will provide you with the necessary items to maintain life and create new things.

For example, you can collect wood to make tools or mine minerals to make weapons. Besides normal life, you can also participate in online battles or survive natural disasters.

With an ideal pixelated environment, you can explore and unleash your creativity. However, this Bloxd io game brings many innovations with many different modes.

All Bloxd io Mode

Pixel games are always updated with new modes. Currently, there are 14 modes: Survival, Peaceful, Creative, Bedwars 4v4v4v4, Bedwars Duo, Oneblock, Greenville, CubeWarfare, EvilTower, DoodleCube, BloxdHop, Hide and Seek, Murder Mystery, and Worlds. These modes all have similar and different characteristics.

Similarity Of Bloxd io Mode

The first similarity is the multiplayer mode. All 14 modes bring online players to a common world to participate in different gameplay styles. Players can talk, cooperate, or fight each other. The interaction between players is a highlight of this new game.

In addition, the controls are the second most similar feature. You can control your character via WASD keys, spacebar, and mouse in all modes.

Different Characteristics

The differences between Bloxd io modes are clearly shown through the gameplay. Each mode will focus on different gameplay to bring an ideal gaming world to players. For example, if you love survival, Survival mode will be ideal for you. In contrast, if you want to fight like soldiers, don't skip Bedwars mode.