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Badminton Brawl


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Are you ready for thrilling badminton matches in Badminton Brawl? Attempt to use your racket to hit the shuttle and score 5 points in three sets.

Start your badminton matches

If you are looking for interesting games like Fishing Online 2023, you should not ignore this game. This game allows you to transform into a professional badminton player. You should choose your favorite character at the start of the game. Next, you are allowed to select the power for the badminton player. There are four powers including Speed Burst, Super Smash, Illusion, and Time Slow. After choosing the power, you can embark on a badminton match with another player. In the badminton match, you and your opponent will take turns hitting the shuttle. As soon as the shuttle flies into your half of the court, you should use your racket to hit it so that it passes over the net. If your rival cannot pass it back, you will score one point. The power bar at the top of the screen will tell you whether you can use the special power or not.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to move around.

Press an L key to hit.

Press an L key to jump smash.

Two game modes in Badminton Brawl

This game includes two modes the Training Mode and the Match Mode. In the Training Mode, you will practice with an automatic badminton serve machine. It will launch the badminton shuttle constantly. Your mission is to hit these shuttles to pass it back. You will not gain any points if you successfully pass the shuttle back. In contrast, in the Match Mode, you must compete with a random player in three sets. In each set, you must try to gain 5 points first. If you can win two sets, you will become the champion.