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Avatar Game


Welcome to Avatar Game, a land of Navi people on the run from enemies! Jump over obstacles and traverse any terrain with your special character.

Do you know your character in this Avatar Game? It's Jack Sully, the male protagonist in recent avatar movies.

Jack Sully In Avatar Game

Referring to Avatar Game, it is impossible to ignore Jake Sully, a character who epitomizes strength and talent. According to the original version, Jake Sully is a disabled person after years of glorious fighting. He comes across a new opportunity to fight again on his feet: becoming an avatar.

With this character, you can run endlessly and conquer this avatar-related game.

Run In Avatar Game

When running in this online game, players should pay attention to the following two factors.

How To Run

Your character will automatically move on the roads and your task is to use the Avatar Game control key to avoid obstacles.

Controller: Spacebar, up arrow key, or W key.

What Are Your Obstacles

In Avatar Game, obstacles are diverse in size and shape. They can be blocks, walls, or spikes. These obstacles all have one thing in common: destroy your character with one touch. Therefore, jumping over these obstacles is the top priority of the Avatar Game.

After completing all 3 Avatar Game modes, you can move to Dreadhead Parkour to start new adventures.