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A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup is a sports game with a classic pixel style and unique gameplay. Let's drag a doll to control the ball and score in daily 90-second matches. There are many matches and national flags for you to select and join.

Matches and Flags

This A Small World Cup game will be played on a match-by-match basis and each match corresponds to one day. After winning day 1, you can proceed to day 2. The first difference between days is your opponent. Your opponents will be randomly selected from many different countries.

On the home screen, you can track your achievements with the number of days completed. In front of the achievements section, you can see many flags representing different countries such as Argentina, Japan, USA, Mexico, France, England, etc. You can choose one of these flags to represent you. After that, the game will randomly choose another flag to become your opponent.

How To Play A Small World Cup

Each match of this sports game lasts 90 seconds. In each match, the person who gets more points wins. To win points, you need to score by dragging your character with your mouse. Your character can move to any location at a fast speed thanks to this control method.